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If you are having trouble running Marqo then see below for potential solutions. If these do not work then you can get help by raising an issue or by joining our Slack community. See Community and Support for further details.

HD space

Be default, Marqo-os requires 15% of total hard drive space to be available. If this condition is not met then non-search operations will fail with an error message such as 429 Too Many Requests. To resolve this there are several things that can be done:

  • Free up disk space on the disk Marqo is running.
  • Change the default storage location so that the new storage location satisfies the free-disk space requirement. To change the default storage location, see Changing the default storage location for Docker


Depending on the settings used, Marqo can consume more memory (RAM or VRAM) than is available. Symptoms of exceeding system memory can include abrupt termination of Marqo with the message Killed. To reduce memory consumption, the following actions can be performed:

  • Do not load any models at startup. This will avoid pre-loading models and will reduce the memory footprint of Marqo. This can be achieved by adding the environment variable - -e MARQO_MODELS_TO_PRELOAD='[]' - to the Marqo docker run command. See Configuring preloaded models

Documents are too large

Very large documents may cause issues due to request limit sizes. There are several options to remediate this:

  • Break large documents into multiple smaller documents.
  • Modify the MARQO_MAX_DOC_BYTES environment variable described in the section Configuring usage limits.

Something else

If your problem cannot be solved from these suggestions then you can get additional support from Slack or Github. See Community and Support for details.