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Transferring Marqo's state

If you are running Marqo in its default configuration, Marqo-os is running in a Docker-in-Docker configuration. To transfer the storage layer to a new instance do the following instructions.

  1. Use docker to inspect the Marqo container (if you called it marqo as per the readme):
    docker inspect marqo
  2. Look at the mounts and find the one named volume. Copy the name of the volume e.g 80151d87b636ca5ac2b457d316539aafa376598b8867647d08ffdae0bdeb0ae0

  3. To check information on the volume run:

    docker volume inspect <VOLUME NAME>

  4. Optionally remove the existing docker container (if you let your old container exist, you wont be able to start a new one also called marqo)

    docker rm -f marqo

  5. Run the following commands to pull the newest marqo version, attaching the previous version’s data

    docker pull marqo:<new version e.g 0.0.3>
    docker run --name marqo -it --privileged -p 8882:8882 --add-host host.docker.internal:host-gateway --volume=80151d87b636ca5ac2b457d316539aafa376598b8867647d08ffdae0bdeb0ae0:/var/lib/docker marqoai/marqo:<new version e.g 0.0.3>