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Get settings of an index. For a conceptual overview of index settings, refer to our Index API Reference.

Get index settings

GET /indexes/{index_name}/settings

Path parameters

Name Type Description
index_name String name of the index


curl -XGET http://localhost:8882/indexes/my-first-index/settings
results = mq.index("my-first-index").get_settings()

Response: 200

  "index_defaults": {
    "treat_urls_and_pointers_as_images": false,
    "text_preprocessing": {
      "split_method": "sentence",
      "split_length": 2,
      "split_overlap": 0
    "model": "hf/all_datasets_v4_MiniLM-L6",
    "normalize_embeddings": true,
    "image_preprocessing": {
      "patch_method": null
  "number_of_shards": 5